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Digital Analytics Program (DAP)

Last updated May 21, 2020

The Digital Analytics Program (DAP) is a central, shared web analytics service for federal agencies of the United States government, managed by the General Services Administration. Participating federal agencies report web analytics to a central account, and have access to all reported data. Data from the program is also shared publicly at

Participation in the Digital Analytics Program was last measured on May 21, 2020.

Below you will find some helpful tips to help guide you towards getting a better score on Pulse for your domain or agency. For any further questions, please visit our frequently asked questions.

What domains are measured?

Pulse measures DAP participation for publicly accessible .gov domains in the federal government's executive branch. Domains which do nothing but redirect to other websites are not measured.

This currently amounts to around 800 domains.


  • Participates in DAP?
  • Values: No,Yes
  • Measurement is performed by comparing the set of evaluated .gov domains to the list of participating federal domains and subdomains published by the DAP. This list is created by looking at reported web traffic in the DAP's underlying database.